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The Montessori Stage One Classroom

The overall aim of Stage One is to foster the Child’s potential in all areas of development: social, intellectual, emotional and physical. In particular, we aim to provide the Child with opportunities to develop independence, initiative, self-motivation, responsibility, and sense of community, love of learning and self esteem.

We aim to achieve this within the ordered and secure environment where the Child feels free to explore and discover. The environment is specially prepared to meet the needs of the Child at his/her particular level of development.

In a Montessori classroom the teacher is called the Directress. The role entails introducing the Child to materials appropriate to the Child’s development level and observing the Childs interaction in the immediate classroom environment on a variety of levels. The Directress acts as a guide, helping the child to find materials to satisfy the needs of a current sensitive period. The Directress encourages an independence in the children which allows them to make their own choices concerning which materials to work with at their own rate of progression while allowing them the freedom to develop their own social network.



The Montessori difference

Our service incorporates the Montessori philosophy with the Early Years Learning Framework. This is reflected in all aspects of our policies, procedures and practices.

Authentic Montessori

An approach to learning based on self-directed activity, hands-on learning and collaborative play

Empower your children

Our educators help each child find their place as an individual and as a contributing member of the group

Quality teaching

Our experienced educators practice The Early Years Learning Framework educational principles of Being, Belonging and Becoming

Life skill teaching

Open-ended learning enables children to explore all possibilities, forming a foundation for creative intelligence and original thinking


Self-esteem development

Educators increase each child's sense of wellbeing and confidence by praising their efforts

Be part of the community

A community of Children, Parents, Educators and Board Members with your child's healthy development at its core


Your questions answered


When your children finish kindergarten at Montessori  they are well adjusted in all areas of development.These skills help the children to make the transition into year one seamless. We have passed students visiting us and sharing all their positive feedback about how easy the change was for them.

The children have high self esteem and confidence which helps them to adjust and make new friendships at primary school.

Our Montessori curriculum is extensive and includes all the outcomes of the nsw board of studies. We also have a school readiness program that supports the children with the transition to school.

Yes As we are linseed for children aged 2.9 years to 6 years olds.

We have an EYLF program that runs parallel to the Montessori program. We also have extracurricular activities based on the children intertest like soccer and incursions and excursions. We also do much and move with the children as they enjoy physical activities.  

Our Montessori program has an extensive curriculum which covers Maths, English geography, praticlice life, science and creative art. For the child to benefit at their own pace so they don’t feel pursued.

Your child will receive the best from our academic montessori program when they attend 5 days a week as they work with a ECT/teacher to develop their skills in all areas.

The compulsory hours for 3 and 4 years old is 9am till 12pm  and for the 5 years it is 9 to 3pm. But we are open from 7:30am till 5:00 pm for parents to be able to drop off their child early and pick up later if needed.

Yes we do Mrs Nida has been an ECT for over 21 years and has been a directorness  for over 30 years.

We provide breakfast, morning tea and afternoon tea. Lunch is provided by the family and is heated at the school. We also ask to make sure we don’t have any unhealthy/ nut free foods as we are a munch and move and a nut free center.

Elizabeth Macathur Montessori is a community based organization/ child care center. Which means we are non for profit. All our fees and fundraising goes towards the children and making sure they are receiving the best care possible.


Discover how we can help your child

We invite you to visit Elizabeth Macarthur Montessori Preschool to experience our child-centred, safe learning environment, and find out more about how we can help your child to confidently find their place within a community and as an individual.


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