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Montessori Philosophy

“The child must see for himself what he can do, and it is important to give him not only the means of education but also to supply him with indicators which tell him his mistakes……The child’s interest in doing better, and his own constant checking and testing, are so important to him that his progress is assured. His very nature tends toward exactitude and the ways of obtaining it appeal to him.” (The Absorbent Mind, Maria Montessori p.229)

“Education, therefore, of little ones is important, especially from three to six years of age, because this is the embryonic period for the formation of character and of society, (just as the period from birth to three is that for forming the mind, and the prenatal period that for forming the body.)”

The Absorbent Mind, Maria Montessori p. 221/2

Our School

Offering the enrichment of Montessori education to children aged three to six years, South West Sydney’s own Montessori Pre-School opened in 1997 in Camden. After a temporary move to Campbelltown, the Pre-School purchased land in Raby, where it built its own permanent premises, opening its doors in 2003. The Pre-School is administered by the Elizabeth Macarthur Montessori Pre-School Association Inc. which was established by parents who wanted a high quality education for their children.

The Pre-School is a non-profit and non-denominational organisation run by members of a board. Members of the board are volunteers who are elected from the parent body. A high level of participation and communication by all parents is encouraged, in order to support the academic staff in their efforts. In this way, parents have the opportunity to influence their children’s growth and development in a way unmatched by traditional education systems.

Our service incorporates the Montessori philosophy with the Early Years Learning Framework. This is reflected in all aspects of our policies, procedures and practices.

Children come to us with individual strengths, capabilities, learning styles and interests, and during their time at Elizabeth Macarthur, our educators help each child find their place as a contributing member of the group. We provide a child-centred, safe environment and continually strive to meet the needs and exceed the expectations of our families.

The Early Years Learning Framework educational principles of Being, Belonging and Becoming are embedded in the practice of all educators at Elizabeth Macarthur. Our educators recognise their responsibility to create an atmosphere that engenders courtesy, respect, and genuine regard for others, including Board members, parents, staff, children, visitors and the local community.

We welcome all families regardless of race, religion, colour, nationality and ability. Our curriculum respects diversity and honours the differences between cultures, languages and traditions.


Our Team

The positive formation of your child’s character is our priority. The guidance of early childhood supervisors is pivotal to their development in these formative years, and we have assembled a highly qualified and capable team to do this.

Meet Our Director

Nida Khan

Director, ECT, Nominated supervisor & Educational leader.

My personal philosophy is to provide each child with quality education and all-round development catering to their individual needs.

About me
Mrs Nida is the principal and director of EMMPS has been teaching Montessori for 31 years and enjoys every minute of it.

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We invite you to visit Elizabeth Macarthur Montessori Preschool to experience our child-centred, safe learning environment, and find out more about how we can help your child to confidently find their place within a community and as an individual.